PigCentral® Control

Looking for a barn management system that can assist you to be more efficient, economical and effective?

Chore-Time’s PigCentral® Management System lets you control feed bins, feed delivery systems, ventilation systems and more. And it’s all possible through the PigCentral® Control – the most flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use control in the business.

PigCentral® Control is Completely Customizable

Customize the dashboard so the functions and stats you want are where you want them. The 15-inch touchscreen is the biggest and most intuitive in the business. If you can operate an iPhone, you can customize and operate this control.

Have a unique idea or configuration not currently supported by the control? Our powerful scripting engine lets you customize the programming to operate different functions of your barn or to instruct certain aspects, such as ventilation, to work the way you want it to.

Managed alarms can be configured to deliver to different users, or groups of users, in multiple ways. Group alarms can be set to roll through a user list in a certain order until alarm is resolved. The main control also indicates alarms via the LED lights on either side of the dashboard screen.

Generate custom reports to quickly access the historical data that matters most.

PigCentral® Control Offers Complete Remote Access

Access, monitor and control your barn from anywhere (requires internet connected device).
View status of each individual room
and drill down for more detail.
Receive alarms/notifications and resolve, reset or
bump, as necessary.
Review historical statistics and generate reports.

Built in Iowa,
NOT Overseas.

PigCentral® Control is Built and Supported in the U.S. – Not Overseas

  • No waiting on supply chain issues – we ship in as little as 48 hours.
  • 24/7 phone support from our U.S.-based service team.
  • Remote access means our service techs can sign into your system. With your permission, we can troubleshoot problems remotely without having to visit your barn.

PigCentral® Control Has Customizable Security Levels

  • 6 defined user levels keep your control on lockdown from accidental or malicious changes.
  • Set up employees to have permission to
    enter all necessary day-to-day data, but not access/change your programming.

PigCentral® Control Updates Are Free

  • No annual fees or upgrade costs.
  • Automatic upgrades mean you’ll always enjoy the latest software. Easily upgraded, never outdated.

PigCentral® Control is Durable

  • Resin-coated circuit boards better withstand harsh swine-barn environments.
  • Heavy-duty construction designed to absorb
    jolts and impacts.

PigTek's coated
circuit board

Competitor’s uncoated circuit board